Window spaces are very difficult to decorate, but when done they can be both beautiful and highly functional. We tell you how to achieve it!

Decorating the spaces under the window is not always easy. In fact, they are considered tough corners. However, there are a series of tips that we have for you that will be very useful for you to take advantage of these areas in a beautiful and incredible way.

So, if you have them at home or have just identified them in a rental apartment, don't lose your cool. It is possible to decorate them, and make them very striking and functional. Take note of these ideas and appropriate the one you like best!

So you can decorate your spaces under the window

The first thing you have to do to start decorating the areas you have under the window is to think about how to get the most out of it if you lack space to develop some activities. Does this sound familiar to you? Probably yes, read on for more ideas.

1. Install a stylish radiator

If you need to install a radiator at home, it is a great idea to install it in the space under the window. But this is not all, for this idea to look very aesthetic, it is advisable to place a countertop on this device so that you can place some decorative elements there.

There you can place some plants, photographs or a vase, depending on your decorative idea. In addition to being a great idea to decorate this space that is often wasted, it will be easier to generate the installations that a radiator requires to function properly.

2. Create a rest area

The second of idea that we have to take advantage of your spaces under the window is to create a rest area there. You can achieve this by installing a custom structure that can be complemented with a mat or cushions to turn it into a comfortable bench.

Just below this structure, you can install some drawers to store books, blankets, or any item you want to put there. Complement with blankets, and cushions of different sizes and leave a space in the corner, if you wish, to put some indoor plants of your choice.

3. Place a nightstand

Following the model of custom structures, in this case, we suggest you use the space under the window to create a bedside table. This idea is great if we talk about a bedroom. The table can be in the middle of two beds or next to a large bed, depending on its location.

Now, if you like to change the location of the bedroom elements very frequently, this may not be the best idea, since it would be cumbersome. If that is your case, read the following idea to see if it is the best for you.

4. Put a bookstore

The fourth of the ideas that we have for you to take advantage of your spaces under the window has to do with books, so precious to many. Well, we suggest you install custom-made shelves so you can accommodate your books. You have the option of making it an open piece of furniture or with doors, depending on how you want to display your literary titles.

You can even design this piece of furniture with the spaces you want and not everyone has to carry books. In some, you can put photographs or plants. In addition, in the upper part of the shelf, you can show off other decorative objects that you want.

5. Design a study or work area

The last of the ideas we have for you is great if you work or study at home. It is about taking advantage of the space under the window with a desk or a custom structure to sit comfortably to do your homework.

You will have great advantages such as enjoying the view through the window, having enough natural light to carry out all your activities and, when the weather permits, you can open it to breathe fresh air. Give yourself the luxury of decorating this area, as you see fit, with picture frames, paintings, and lamps.

Under the desk of your new home office, you should leave enough space to be comfortable, but you can also put some filing cabinets or organizing boxes to have all the elements of your work or study in complete order.