Gone are the days when a light bulb only provided light, and nothing else. Let's find out about products whose intelligent lighting can renew our lifestyle, by combining the best of technology with contemporary designs. What product would fit best with the style of our home?

What is a smart lighting system?

This concept stems from the Internet of Things (IoT), a series of technologies that are included in everyday objects (refrigerators, washing machines, cars, etc.), and connect them to the Internet. In this way, intelligent objects communicate their functions to their users, report parameters, and display their operating statistics in real-time.

More importantly, IoT-enabled objects can be managed by any smart device, be it a cell phone, tablet, computer, or voice assistant. These technologies have emerged over the years with the main objective of making the handling of these devices easier and more user-friendly.

This is how we came to the spotlights that are part of an intelligent lighting system: it will no longer be necessary to activate them manually by means of a switch, but they can be controlled from our own cell phone or activated by hearing our voice.

That being said, what other advantages and characteristics define this technology, and how can we implement it in our homes?

7 Ideas for an intelligent lighting system

A well-lit home is one that enhances the well-being of its inhabitants since the chances of trips and falls decrease. Also, there are different ways to light a home, let's see some!

1. LED light strip

Let's go back to what we mentioned about intelligent control: this WIZ light strip can be controlled from a mobile application or through a voice assistant (like Google or Alexa), and, in return, offers very versatile lighting: 16 million colors that we can modify through 15,000 hours of service life.

We will only need to adhere to the flexible strip where we want (cornices, on doors, on walls, or even bookcases), and cut where necessary. Likewise, there is an extension of 10 meters, in case we want to illuminate a larger room or a long corridor.

2. Light pole

Smart lighting can also come from the ground. From this idea came the Philips Calla floor post, whose LED light will bring a pleasant illumination to any corridor and also add a modern touch to the decorative style.

Following this line of ideas, let's remember that the post can also be used outdoors, with the goal of highlighting trees or decorative objects. Of course, it will fulfill its primary purpose: illuminate an area, contributing to increasing security.

It will also help us save energy since it will illuminate with an intensity of 600 lumens, but it will consume only 8 watts.

3. Luminaire with a vintage touch

Let's bring back the vintage aesthetic of traditional filament spotlights and warm light by getting this LED spotlight from Wiz.

Yes, it looks like an “old” bulb, amber in color, but it has all the benefits of smart lighting: control via an app or voice assistant, the ability to change the intensity of the light, the possibility of programming its operating hours and offer a long service life of 15,000 hours.

Thanks to it, we will have light for many hours, and the bulb will need only 5 watts, instead of the traditional energy consumption of 25 watts.

Of course, the bulb will provide warm light of 2,000 K to the room where we install it, so it is recommended to put it in bedrooms or living rooms, to increase our comfort.

4. A spotlight with higher luminous flux, higher power

This Wiz LED spotlight is similar to previous products in that its handling is very dynamic, offering as many colors as installation spaces. However, we must highlight the fact that it has a flow of 1,600 lumens, which it is capable of generating through a power consumption of just 14.5 watts.

Due to this, it is ideal for lighting large spaces, such as a dining room, patio, or the entire kitchen. It will be up to us to decide where, but we will have the comfort of managing them from our own cell phone and after an installation as brief as it is fast.

5. Let's not forget Bluetooth compatibility

Compatibility with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant is already included, but let's take into account that we can also manipulate this Philips Spot light via Bluetooth.

One of its most important features is scheduling: from our app, we will be able to define at what time the light turns on and how (for example, that it turns on at 7 in the morning with warm and soft light, turns off at 10 o'clock, and turn on again when it gets dark, showing a cooler light). This would be helpful in areas where we spend a lot of time, such as our office or a work area that we have at home.

Using this intelligent lighting system, we will personalize the atmosphere of the house to our liking and we will be able to adapt each aspect of the light hour after hour.

6. Bulb with the tremendous lifespan

An ideal combination of good performance and great energy savings. Basically, this Estévez Smart Wifi spotlight provides a luminous flux of 780 lumens, and its 9 watts of power can be equivalent to 60 watts of a traditional spotlight. Thanks to this, we can see a decrease in home energy consumption.

On the other hand, we must highlight that this bulb has a useful life of 25,000 hours. It is because of this that such luminaires prove to be a wise investment, as they offer a long duration and an energy cost that is lower compared to traditional lighting alternatives.

7. A motion sensor

Seeking to increase the security of our home, let's look at the possibility of installing a Wiz motion sensor, which will command the lights we already have at home to turn on and off according to what its sensitive motion sensor perceives.

However, since it has a lighting range of up to 3 meters, it is ideal for corridors or stairs, and therefore its installation indoors is recommended. We could also put it in the children's room, seeking to prevent trips.

Of course, this sensor can be managed via Wi-Fi, although we take into account that it must be connected to other bulbs in the intelligent lighting system.

Which of these smart lighting options would be the best fit?

As we've seen, multiple fixtures install like a traditional light bulb, and LED light strips feature easy-to-stick adhesives to the desired surface. The work, therefore, lies in configuring the lights to our schedules and tastes, as well as connecting them to our Wifi and our voice assistant (if we have it).

Now, let's not forget that many of these smart lighting systems are compatible with each other (the spotlights with the motion sensor, or the light strip with an app), and this factor doubles their effectiveness.

However, if we are just testing, it would be convenient to purchase one of these products, install it, and verify the quality and performance of said lighting in our home in the following days.

Once we have seen how it works, we can consider changing this luminaire for another one that attracts our attention, bringing another extra system to extend its range or effectiveness (motion sensor, extension), or leaving it as it is, since we are satisfied.

It will be easier to move on to this selection phase since we have already informed ourselves to find the best intelligent lighting according to our needs.