These homemade recipes to eliminate pests from your garden are economical, efficient, and very natural. Take note and apply them at home!

It is common for your plants to suffer from different pests, but it is not common for us to let them be affected by them, so we will share some homemade recipes to eliminate these microorganisms in a very simple and effective way.

There is a remedy for mites, slugs, powdery mildew, or aphids at low cost and with excellent results, after learning about them, you will not be able to believe that you have been spending money on chemical and expensive options. Keep reading, identify the organism that affects your plants, and apply the corresponding recipe.

To eliminate pests from your plants, use these homemade recipes

Pests affect your plants for no reason because they find food or the right environment to develop in them. However, in this way, they tend to spoil and wither, and nobody wants to have plants in this state.

On the market, there are countless chemical products that eradicate pests, but they are expensive and polluting since they have a chemical origin. For this reason, we have compiled some homemade alternatives that will be useful, with the difference that they are much cheaper and just as effective.

Homemade recipes to eliminate mite infestations

Among the pests that commonly affect plants, we find mites. It is believed that the dryness of the earth and the excess nitrogen in it is a determining factor for its appearance.

Although the appearance of these microorganisms, also known as spider mites, can be avoided by avoiding these conditions, there are some homemade recipes that can work very well. Next, we talk about the:

·         Dry steam: Exposing the mites to a high temperature, such as that of dry steam, leads to the death of the mites.

·         Natural infusions: some preparations such as wormwood, mugwort, pyrethrum, and nettle help to repel mites, without affecting the plants. Put water to boil, when it reaches the boiling point you are going to put out the fire and put the plant you have chosen, let it cool, and spray on your plants.

·         Potassium soap: it is one of the quintessential home remedies that act against mites and other pests such as cochineal and whitefly. Dilute 10 grams of soap in 1 liter of water, and use the water to spray the affected plants in the morning or at night.

Eliminate mealybugs

Mealybugs are another the pests that you can eliminate from your plants with homemade recipes, although they are known as one of the most difficult to eradicate. These little ones suck the sap from the plant, which is why they gradually kill it. How to remove them? So:

Soap and alcohol: mix these two products and use a cloth to clean each of the leaves of the affected plant with it. To get full results, you will need to repeat this several times.

Garlic or wormwood extracts: they are used to eliminate mealybugs and to prevent their appearance on your plants. Clean the leaves from time to time with these products, and also use neem or pyrethrum extracts.

Home remedies against snails

Snails feed on plants and when they appear in your garden you have to know that they will kill you if you do nothing to prevent it. These usually appear in humid orchards and with remains of decomposing organic matter.

So, the first thing you should do to eliminate snails is to keep the substrate of your plants clean and avoid waterlogging. We tell you more about other ways to eradicate this plague:

Eggshells: with them build a boundary around your plants, and you will notice how the snails move away from the place.

Beer: pour this liquid into a deep container (better if it is aluminum) and bury it in your garden, the snails will go towards the beer and you can keep them away from your plants, as well as capture them.

Get rid of whiteflies

Whiteflies affect large gardens or orchards where there is excess nitrogen and traces of chemical fertilizers. Therefore, one of the simplest and most effective things you can do is correct these conditions in your garden.

You can also implement some homemade recipes, such as the ones mentioned in the section on mealybugs. Among them: is fumigation with potassium soap or infusions of garlic and wormwood.


Homemade recipes to eliminate pests of slugs

Slugs are another common and annoying pest in a garden, which can be eliminated with some homemade recipes, as well as with the implementation of care: irrigation control and use of organic fertilizers that are not in the process of decomposing, such as fresh compost.

·         Lactic Acid: Also known as buttermilk, it drives slugs away from your plants.

·         Horsetail infusion: applied to plants acting as an insecticide against slugs. Put water to boil, when it is, turn off and add the plant. Let cool and spray on affected plants.

·         Beer: Create a beer trap in the ground to repel and capture slugs that stalk your plants. Each time, use different types of beer to attract more slugs.


Did you know these homemade recipes eliminate pests?

As we mentioned before, these homemade recipes are useful to eliminate different pests from your garden. In addition to those mentioned, it must be said that baking soda and horsetail are also useful to eradicate powdery mildew, for example. For its part, garlic, and eggshells are very good against worms and caterpillars.