The paintings and posters are essential accessories to decorate any part of your home. They give the space a personal character and make it more comfortable and homely. Learn how to hang pictures and posters without drilling holes in the wall to avoid very unsightly holes.


If there is a decorative element capable of instantly changing the image of a space, those are the paintings and posters. Depending on the need, they can make an interior appear more open-plan or more welcoming. The right accessories will emphasize the strong points of the room and frame its faults. However, the composition of pictures on the wall must be well planned in advance. The key is the designs of the pieces and their color, but the measurements of the elements, the height at which they are left and the location are just as important. Sometimes it happens that we find an ideal place for a decoration and then it turns out that it does not combine well with the rest of the set and we have to find another place. But, if we previously made holes in the wall to hang the piece, we don't feel like changing its place: we decided to leave it as it was and we failed in the attempt to achieve the dream decoration. Luckily, there are several ways to display posters and paintings without damaging the wall. Discover 7 methods with which your decorations have greater mobility!


7 Ways to Hang Pictures and Posters Without Drilling or Damaging the Wall

The following ideas are the perfect option for those who do not like to get bored but do like to make frequent changes in decoration. They are methods that require almost no drilling or holes in the wall, and therefore will not leave unsightly marks when you want to move your paintings or posters.


1. Shelf for paintings and posters

The first option, and the only one that requires the use of a drill, is to mount a shelf intended for pictures and posters. It is a more permanent solution that, according to need or preferences, allows the arrangement of elements to be changed frequently and will not require new holes in the future. Simply rearrange the posters or paintings on the shelf to breathe new life into the decor. Wall cabinets are narrow and discreet, so it's the objects that are placed on them that always capture the most attention. Larger shelves will also support heavier items, such as pretty potted flowers.


2. Decoration leaning on the wall

The following option requires neither drilling nor additional assembly work. The paintings and posters of large sizes will be wonderful if we support them against the wall. The result will be optimal in open, open, and minimalist spaces. Regarding the choice of motif, we recommend light designs, such as the poster entitled "Shared look". Other surfaces, such as window sills or radiators, can also be used to display decorations. However, in the case of the latter, care must be taken during the heating period: too hot air can cause the material to deform.


3. Small parts placed on the bookcase

A bookcase is a perfect place for small paintings. Decorations can be propped up on books or placed in photo frames. Standing photo frames allow you to place your images wherever you want. If you have a bookcase with many shelves, we encourage you to create a whole gallery of matching paintings, placed on different levels of the bookcase.


4. Hanging solutions offered by the market

There are many products on the market that allow you to hang the decorations on the wall and do not require drilling or nails. Among them are the following:

  • Double-sided tapes – the tape is stuck to the clean surface and then the frame of the picture or poster is made to adhere to the wall.
  • Picture hanging strips – picture frame strips that are first glued to the back of the frame and then attached to the clean wall.
  • Adjustable adhesive nails – like the previous products, the nails stick to the wall, but allow the decorations to be aligned, adjusting the height.
  • Adhesive strips – removable adhesive strips that are used to hold light decorations, without frames. They are removed cleanly and leave no trace.

5. Forget frames and hang banners with string!

Another option will work especially well in country-style rooms. In this type of environment, it is advisable to use boho aesthetic posters and hang them on a rope whose sides can be attached to shelves, for example. If your room has an uneven stone or brick wall, you can find a place to hook the rope.


6. Plastic coat racks/hangers

Adhesive plastic hooks are mainly used in bathrooms or kitchens to hang towels or clothes. They can also be used to hang posters and photographs. However, it is important that these objects are not too heavy. It is better, then, to forget about the frame and hang the pictures using the hooks, but, for example, on a rope, as we mentioned before.


7. Easels

The last idea to display paintings and posters in a stylish way and without drilling holes is to place them on a painting easel. This tool is available in the market in many variants and sizes. The paintings can be placed on easels either individually or in pairs. The advantage of this solution is its mobility: the structure can be moved to any corner of the house. Another advantage is the great freedom in the exchange of images.


There are literally endless ideas for using paintings and posters in interior decoration and some do not require drilling or holes in the wall. Don't limit yourself to looking for creative solutions! Beautify your room with original decorations without drilling or making holes!